Environment and Social responsibilities...


  • Whilst there is nothing nicer than putting on fresh clean clothes, did you know that laundry has a huge impact on our environment; the energy consumed the detergent waste into our rivers and the plastic packaging used throughout the process? At The Laundry Room we want to take responsibility and do what we can for the environment. We’ll return your first load of washing to you with a complimentary hardwearing fabric bag. This is unique to you, and we’d love you to use it each time you bring us your washing. We also use low temperature machines and detergents that are designed
    for minimal environmental impact, using 40% less energy. And we've created a store that is bright, clean and fresh - a laundry that people can enjoy using and working in.

    We’ve created a hanger re-cycling scheme in our store in Whitehead where customers can return their unwanted hangers for re-use. We encourage all our customers to drop their hangers of to us and not to send them to land fill. We’ll reuse what we can in store and those hangers we cant reuse, we’ll dispose of responsibly.

    In following months we’ll be working towards operating a carbon neutral business by offsetting the impact of our business, the research in to this is continuing and we hope to make our plans public in the very near future.

    We feel strongly about our responsibility to our local community. We firmly believe that without supporting our local community we won’t succeed and like wise, if our community doesn’t support us we won’t succeed!

    We want to be an exemplar to other business’s in the community. We want to encourage other businesses in the town to get involved and help make our town a vibrant, energetic and welcoming community, one that is the envy of towns and villages across the country. We want people to shop locally, we want to see our local economy flourish and grow and that’s why we’ve committed ourselves to helping as many local community groups and charities as we can with both financial and volunteering support.

    Whitehead Eagles Football Club

    Already this year we’ve supported our local football club Whitehead Eagles. The Eagles have a long and colourful history in the town and we’re proud not only to be responsible for laundering their kits every week but also as an official club sponsor. The Eagles have grown over recent years and now have a fantastic youth set up for boys and girls of all ages and we’re delighted to be an official partner of the club.

    Transition Town Whitehead

    We take great pride in supporting Transition Town Whitehead. TTW is fantastic group of local people striving to make the town and its residents more environmentally aware and sustainable. TTW are currently working on the provision of garden allotments in Whitehead so local families can learn to grow their own food and at the same time help sustain and protect our local environment as well as avoiding the ever increasing cost of food. The group are also working on several projects
    aimed at reducing the energy consumed by local residents. Again reducing our impact on the environment but also helping local families reduce the cost of home heating and electricity. We’re delighted to be associated with such an energetic and forward thinking group and we will continue to work and support TTW as they move forward and bring positive change to our
    town. We hope others join us in supporting TTW.

    Whitehead Community Association

    Whitehead Community Association is another group we’re thrilled to be working with. We consider it a pleasure to be able to support such a group who are at the centre of so much in terms of recreation and leisure in Whitehead. This year we’ve already supported WCA during the annual Whitehead Festival and we’re currently working with WCA in the planning of the
    Victorian Street Fair, a unique event in Northern Ireland that has been running for the last three years and which is growing from strength to strength year on year.

    In the coming months we’re looking forward to acting as principle sponsors for one of the oldest road races in Northern Ireland, the Whitehead Easter Road Race.